Dr. Lakshmikanth N

Dr. Lakshmikanth N

Dr. Lakshmikanth N stands as an eminent figure in the realm of Internal Medicine and General Medicine, armed with over 15 years of extensive medical experience, out of which he has dedicated 5 years as a specialist. His commitment to patient welfare and his expertise in diagnosing and managing diverse medical conditions have earned him widespread recognition and trust among his patients. Dr. Lakshmikanth’s dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare extends to his special interest and proficiency in Diabetology. Dr. Lakshmikanth N | Education & Expertise

Educational Background

Dr. Lakshmikanth N’s academic journey commenced at BMCRI (Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute), one of the country’s premier institutions, where he completed his MBBS degree. Building upon this strong foundation, he pursued and achieved his MD in Internal Medicine from KIMS (Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences), a renowned institution known for its excellence in medical education. This robust educational background forms the cornerstone of Dr. Lakshmikanth’s exceptional medical knowledge and expertise.


As an accomplished General Physician and Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Lakshmikanth N exhibits a remarkable aptitude for managing a wide spectrum of medical conditions. His expertise encompasses:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diverse medical illnesses
  • Management of patients with multiple diseases affecting various systems
  • Specialized focus and proficiency in Diabetology, catering to patients with diabetes
  • Implementing evidence-based care and incorporating the latest advancements in medicine into his practice
  • Providing holistic healthcare, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients

Dr. Lakshmikanth’s dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest medical advancements enables him to offer cutting-edge and compassionate medical care, prioritizing the well-being and recovery of his patients. His empathetic approach and comprehensive understanding of medical complexities make him a trusted and highly sought-after healthcare professional.