About Us

Why People Choose Us?

Belenus Champion Hospital is committed to providing research-based care supported by cutting-edge medical infrastructure, modern technologies, and experienced doctors. Our team of over 37 specialists across various departments, along with a continually growing bed capacity currently exceeding 170 beds, and a dedicated staff of over 350 trained professionals, ensures that we deliver the highest quality healthcare services all under one roof.

To become a transparent and efficient healthcare provider.

Our mission is to maintain a sense of honesty through the services. we aim to become an advanced, patient-focused healthcare service provider. Our drive is to establish a chain of hospitals across India with the intention of becoming a leading establishment in the healthcare industry.

As a super-speciality hospital, our values lie in strengthening the clinical experience through our dynamic approaches that include patient-centricity based on specific health requirements, ethical practices, and the employment of the finest medical practitioners.

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Our Visionaries

Dr. Manjunath H and Dr. Kishore Kumar are young visionaries who have transformed healthcare with their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence. Their combined expertise and passion have been instrumental in establishing Belenus Champion Hospital, a world-class medical facility that prioritizes patient care and advanced treatments.

Dr.Manjunath H, founder Belenus Champion Hospital

Dr. Manjunath H

Dr. Manjunath H’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence led to the establishment of Belenus Champion Hospital, a state-of-the-art medical facility that embodies his vision of a super-specialty hospital. His partnership with Dr. Kishore Kumar has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life, combining their expertise to create a healthcare institution that sets new standards in patient care and medical technology. Dr. Manjunath H’s dedication to ethical practice, clarity in communication, and compassionate treatment continues to drive the hospital’s mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to all.

Dr.Kishore Kumar

Dr. Kishore Kumar, the co-founder of Belenus Champion Hospital, has been instrumental in shaping the hospital from the ground up, concept by concept. He has leveraged his extensive experience to transform BCH into the renowned medical facility it is today. Driven by a commitment to providing world-class medical services to those in need, Dr. Kishore’s approach is deeply rooted in patient-centricity and transparency. His forward-thinking vision has led him to collaborate with Dr. Manjunath in the healthcare industry, with aspirations to expand the Belenus Champion Hospital network across India.

Dr. Kishore Kumar - Co Founder Belenus Champion Hospital

We Provide 

the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.