Dr. Lakshmi V

Dr. Lakshmi V

Dr. Lakshmi V is a highly skilled respiratory medicine specialist with profound expertise, excelling in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various respiratory conditions, particularly airway diseases. Beyond her proficiency, she demonstrates expertise in performing specialized procedures crucial for managing respiratory disorders, including thoracentesis, ICD insertion, pigtail insertion, and diagnostic bronchoscopy.

Education Background

Dr. Lakshmi V is a distinguished Pulmonologist associated with Belenus Hospital, boasting a rich educational background that solidifies her expertise in respiratory medicine. She commenced her medical journey by completing her MBBS at the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, where her passion for respiratory health emerged. Driven by a desire for in-depth specialization, she pursued an MD in Respiratory Medicine at Grant Medical College and J.J. Hospitals in Mumbai, immersing herself in the complexities of pulmonary diseases and their management.

Furthering her commitment to excellence, she pursued and achieved a DNB in Respiratory Medicine from the esteemed National Board of Education in Delhi, honing her skills to diagnose and treat an extensive range of respiratory ailments. Dr. Lakshmi V’s academic pursuit reflects her relentless dedication to mastering the nuances of respiratory medicine, positioning her as a highly skilled practitioner equipped to handle diverse pulmonary conditions with precision and expertise.


Dr. Lakshmi V possesses a wealth of expertise in the realm of respiratory medicine, showcasing an exceptional ability to diagnose, treat, and manage an extensive array of respiratory conditions, with a particular specialization in airway diseases. Her proficiency is not confined solely to diagnosis and treatment; she is also highly adept in performing a diverse range of specialized procedures crucial in managing respiratory disorders.

These procedures include thoracentesis, allowing for the safe extraction of fluid from the pleural space, ICD insertion for the management of certain respiratory conditions; pigtail insertion for drainage or access; and diagnostic bronchoscopy, a vital tool for investigating and diagnosing respiratory tract issues.

Her clinical prowess extends across a broad spectrum of respiratory ailments, encompassing allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, tuberculosis, sleep apnea, interstitial lung diseases, pleural effusion, and pneumothorax.

Dr. Lakshmi V’s comprehensive understanding and nuanced approach to these conditions enable her to tailor treatment plans to suit each patient’s unique needs, ensuring personalized and effective care. Her proficiency in both diagnostic techniques and therapeutic interventions underscores her commitment to delivering holistic and specialized care to her patients, earning her a reputation as an esteemed and reliable pulmonologist within the medical community.

Award & Publications

Dr. Lakshmi V’s dedication to the field has been recognized through her active participation and paper presentations at esteemed events. She has contributed to the Intervention Pulmonary League and the National Conference of Pulmonology, showcasing her commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of respiratory diseases.

Dr. Lakshmi V is also a member of the Karnataka Pulmonologist Association, reflecting her involvement in professional networks and her commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in her field.