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Dr. Nabanita Kora

Visiting Consultant Paeditrician

Dr. Nabanita Kora's commitment to promoting child health and well-being makes her a trusted healthcare professional.

Dr. Nabanita Kora is a highly skilled and compassionate Consultant at Belenus Champion Hospital. With her expertise in pediatrics, she is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to children. Dr. Kora’s commitment to promoting child health and well-being makes her a trusted healthcare professional.

Dr. Nabanita Kora holds impressive educational qualifications in pediatrics. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, followed by a Master of Medicine (MD) degree in Pediatrics. Dr. Kora’s extensive educational background and specialized training equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent care to infants, children, and adolescents.

Dr. Nabanita Kora’s expertise lies in the field of pediatrics, encompassing a wide range of healthcare services for children. She specializes in the treatment of tonsillitis, offering effective and tailored treatment plans to alleviate symptoms and promote healing. Dr. Kora’s compassionate approach ensures that children and their parents feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the treatment process.


In addition to tonsillitis treatment, Dr. Nabanita Kora is experienced in conducting comprehensive development assessments for children. She evaluates key developmental milestones, ensuring that children are growing and progressing appropriately. Through thorough assessments, Dr. Kora can identify any potential developmental delays or concerns and provide early intervention when necessary.


Furthermore, Dr. Kora excels in providing expert care for newborns, ensuring their well-being and healthy development. She offers guidance on various aspects of newborn care, including feeding, vaccinations, and overall growth and development. Dr. Kora’s approach is supportive and informative, assisting parents in navigating the early stages of parenthood with confidence.


Dr. Nabanita Kora is also skilled in evaluating and managing congenital disorders in children. With her expertise and diagnostic abilities, she assesses and treats various congenital conditions, ensuring optimal care and support for affected children and their families.


In addition, Dr. Nabanita Kora conducts health checkups for pediatric patients, focusing on preventive care and promoting overall wellness. She educates parents about nutrition, immunizations, and healthy lifestyle practices to maintain the well-being of children.


As a Consultant at Belenus Champion Hospital, Dr. Nabanita Kora is committed to delivering exceptional care to children. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication to the field of pediatrics make her a trusted healthcare provider, supporting children’s health and well-being at every stage of their development.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Hindi
  1. She is a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)