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Dr. Akshay P Jadhav

Consultant - Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology

MBBS | MD Pediatrics | Fellow PED Emergency | Fellow PICU

Dr. Akshay P Jadhav is a highly skilled and dedicated pediatrician with a specialization in pediatric emergency management and critical care. He currently serves as a Consultant at Belenus Champion Hospital, where he provides exceptional medical care to pediatric patients. With his extensive educational background and expertise, Dr. Jadhav is committed to ensuring the well-being and proper treatment of children in need of emergency medical services.

Dr. Akshay P Jadhav completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, acquiring a strong foundation in medical sciences. This laid the groundwork for his further specialization in pediatrics. Following his MBBS, Dr. Jadhav pursued a Master of Doctorate (MD) in Pediatrics, specializing in the comprehensive medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. 


Driven by his passion for emergency management in pediatrics, Dr. Jadhav completed a fellowship program in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. This training enhanced his skills in handling emergency cases and providing immediate and effective care to young patients. Additionally, Dr. Jadhav completed a fellowship program in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), further honing his expertise in critical care management for children. This specialized training enables him to handle complex cases and provide optimal care to critically ill or injured children.

Dr. Jadhav possesses comprehensive knowledge and skills in managing emergencies affecting children. He is well-versed in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of acute pediatric conditions, ensuring timely and appropriate interventions to stabilize young patients. 


Dr. Jadhav is highly experienced in stabilizing and managing pediatric trauma cases. He employs evidence-based practices and advanced techniques to address injuries and ensure the best possible outcomes for injured children.


With his fellowship in PICU, Dr. Jadhav has developed expertise in providing critical care to children with life-threatening conditions. He is proficient in managing complex medical situations, including organ failure, severe infections, and other critical illnesses, while employing advanced monitoring and life support systems.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  1. He has also been instrumental in introducing the concept of connected ICU software framework, including Tele-ICU platforms for PICU/ NICU/ Adult ICUs as Clinical Director for RTWO Healthcare Solns, LLP, Blr, KA. 
  2. For the first time in India, as a co-founder of High Fidelity Robot introduction at Belenus Champion Hospital, with integrated e-ICU Software capabilities and hence, advanced assistance in ICUs (PICU/ NICU/ Adult ICU/ CCU) for Healthcare providers using Israel-based Temi bot, under RTWO Healthcare Robotics. 
  3. He has also been a researcher of the usage of alternative medicine techniques for adolescents – Pranayama and Practises to help pulmonary function improvements; his research focused on using PEFR measurements. 
  4. He has also contributed to research on Social Phobia among Medical Students to realize the mental pressures of being Medicos in UG. 
  5. The above two studies received recognition at the All Asia Undergraduate Medical Conference and were published in the Australasian Journal of Medicine. 
  6. He and the Team were also invited by Prof Dr. Vinay Kumar (Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease) for a clerkship at the University of Illinois (US). 
  7. He has also conducted, along with Team members, during UG, Euthacon – to generate awareness about End of Life care and the existence and validity of Euthanasia in India and the World over.